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Monasteries around Mandalay

The biggest book Temple (or)
Kuthodaw Paya. (Maha Lawka Marazein pagoda)

        This pagoda is commontly known as Kuthodaw( The great Royal Bounty) it was build in 1857 by the king Mindone on the model of shwezigon pagoda at Bagan. The distinctive feather  of this pagoda is the collection at 729 white marble slabs an which the Buddhist cannon (Tipitakas) has been inscribed as edited by the 5th Buddhists synod which King Mindone convened in 1871. The scared slab are housed in Cave- like brick building surround the central pagoda. This collection is unique in the Buddhist World and is high prized all oriental scholars.

  ( Mingun ) around Mandalay

                                                     Mingun Unfinished Pagoda

         Myatheintan Pagoda  
                    Also known as  Myatheindan and build by Bagyidaw in 1816 three year before he succeed Bodawpaya as king , this  Pagoda  was constructed in memory of the senior wife the Hsinbyume Princess. It is build as a representation of the Sulamani Paya which according to the Buddhist plan of the cosmos stands atop Mt Meru . 

                                                      Myatheintan Pagoda

             The seven wavy terraces around stupa represent the seven mountain ranges around Mt Meru . This zedi was also badly damaged in the 1838 quake but the king Mindon had it restored in 1874 .



                    Golden Palace Monastery (or) Shwe Nan Taw Monastery

 Shwenandaw Kyaung   

                          - is north- east of Mandalay city down town. Close to the east of  the Atumashi monastery .Shwe nan daw Kyaung mean golden palace monastery , the great interest not only as a fine example of a traditional burmese wooden monastery but as a fragile reminder of the Mandalay fort , at once time the building was part of the palace complex and was use as an apartment by King Mindone and his chief Queen ,and it was in this building that he died . After Mindone's dead , King Thibaw Min had the building dismantled and reassembled on it's present site  in 1880 as a monastery . It is said that Thibaw use the building for a meditation and the couch on which he sat can still be seen . This building is covered inside and out with carved panels though unfortunately many of the exterior panels have weathered badly and some have been removed .at one time building was gilded and decorated with glass mosaics , The carved panels inside are still in excellent condition ,particularly the 10 -Jataka  ( scenes taken from the Buddha life ) -----------,


Maha Gandhayon kyaung (Amarapura )


Lady Monk ( Nun )


Sagaing  Hill  - ( Buddhism,  religious  Region )


 Sagaing Region 

Shwe In Pin Kyaung  ( Mandalay )

Mya Thein Tan Paya ( Mingun - Mandalay ) 



Maha Aung Mye  Bon Zan  Kyaung ( Ava_ Mandalay )


Bagaya Kyaung ( Ava - Mandalay )

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